Monday, August 23, 2010

Last Week of Summer

Where did the summer go?

I think we all are asking ourselves that today.  Summer was long and awesome yet it seemed so short.  I am looking forward to different parts of school starting up again because there are lots of fun activities (like football, intramural sports, basketball season, and of course getting hitched) that will happen in the upcoming month.

This being the last week of summer, I want to 'live it up'.

It will probably snow in a month so we have to right?

Any recommendations or ideas?!  haha I know I don't have a large blog following but I'd love some feedback. 


Lisa said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm.....well, it definitely needs to be something outdoors. I will think on this.

Coco said...

1. set up a parade for your sister when she rolls into town on wednesday
2. do crazy and ridiculous things with her for the rest of the week

ps - last year it snowed on October 15th...we've got a lot to squeeze into this time frame

margo said...

Cut you a big slab of watermelon, take your shirt off and plow into it letting all the juice just run down your belly! (see